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~ Turning ideas into eye candy for over 25 years ~

My Background


I have been drawing and painting my entire life. After graduating from the American Academy of Art with a degree in illustration, my artwork was featured on Billboards, used as storyboards to pitch national TV commercials for Ameritech and Kellogg's and featured full page in the Chicago Tribune for Marshall Fields.



Realizing the visions of a creative director or client is the most rewarding aspect of my work. As a production artist and retoucher at Leo Burnett, Two x Four, Hedrich Blessing, Schawk, Upshot, Gyro and many other studios, I have fully developed my creative abilities, software knowledge and communication skills.

The Sky is the limit


As I keep learning and growing, I look forward to the future and all the exciting opportunities yet to come. I hope RPM can be the catalyst that kick starts your next creative venture. 

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